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January 17th, 2012 - FOUR HOUR WORKSHOP

On January 17th from 6-10pm Jeff "Turbo" Corrigan, one of San Diego's well known editorial and event photographers, will be hosting a intimate interactive workshop in the downtown San Diego Studio. Approximately one hour will be a presentation covering the topics followed by 3 hours of actual shooting and instruction. The course is designed for the new shooter who wants to learn to grow technically as well as creatively. Topics that will be covered include (but aren't limited to):

  • Buying/Using the right equipment - Don't suffer from buyer's remorse, Nikon or Canon? What else will I need??
  • The three elements of exposure - ISO, Shutter Speed, Aperture & How to shoot manually.
  • Understanding Aperture - F what?
  • Flash and Off-Camera Lighting - When and when not to use them.
  • Low Light Photography - What do you mean I can't use a flash?
  • Budget Shooting - Do you need a $8000 camera?
  • DSLR Video - What's Involved
  • Working with your subject - Everyone's (things) a model!
  • What it takes to be a pro (or semi-pro) - Imagery Business... Is it right for me?
  • Turbo, how do you do.... - Rare opportunity discussing Turbo's techniques.
This course is not your typical photo course, it pushes the limits of conventional instruction, there will be no critiquing and "artsy pretension" you may receive in a formal course. This is "real talk" about what you'll really need to survive your hobby and grow as a aspiring photographer.

There are no requirements for the course but a Canon or Nikon DSLR camera with a "Speedlight" (not the pop up flash that comes with the camera, a 'hot shoe' mounted flash capable of manual control) similar to a Canon 430EX or Nikon SB-600, and a 50mm F1.8 or better prime lens is RECOMMENDED. You may RENT a Camera, Flash or 50mm Lens or all three with your enrollment, select your option from the pulldown below. (The camera is a Canon t3i or Equivalent) 

Once you enroll via PayPal (you don't need to join) you will receive more detailed info about the workshop via email. 

See you at the workshop!!

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