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It's the (NORTH PARK) Music (Thing)

Aaron Blomberg of Shark Attack

Mike Cooper of HyenaThis weekend will be my very first experience with the much anticipated North Park Music Thing, and I couldn't be more excited.

After very careful consideration of all venues and acts included in this weekends festivities, I have my route mapped and I'm ready to enjoy it to the fullest.

Venues ranging from The Whistle Stop to U-31, The Office to The Ruby Room, and beyond promise to be packed with phenomenal acts for this years North Park Music Thing.  
Gaux Nu Vaux
The venue that I am looking forward to hanging around the most?  U-31.  

Both Friday and Saturday have bands that I have seen and am a huge fan of, and a few that I have been wanting to see.  In that includes The Silent Comedy on Friday at 12:35. and back to back phenomenal shows will have my full attention on Saturday with Hyena, Gaux Nu Vaux and Shark Attack taking over a two hour (10:35 - 12:35) block.

If you are wanting to know my pick for "the place to be" during this weekend's North Park Music Thing…  I'm going with U-31 on Saturday.  

I'm looking forward to reviewing and writing about this event when it's all said and done next week. See you there, friends.


Photos by Turbo

Eric Flynn [left] and Patrick Heaney of Shark Attack Live