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I try to put forth 110% into every project, but when I get an opportunity to shoot live music, I always jump at the chance and really put my full passion into it... 

Here are highlights of the Chromeo show last night at the House of Blues San Diego, see more here.




Hyphy Crunk iPhone 4 Test Video in Low Light

An unedited video of the Killer Hyphy Crunk show at Shake at the House of Blues.

I decided to play with my new iPhone and capture Hyphy Crunk at House of Blues while I was shooting it... Its halfway decent in low light...

Really impressed with the noise canceling sound though!

Check it out!



This week I had a real variety of events I covered, from Polo Matches and Art Shows all the way to All Ages Mega events. The opening of the SD Polo Grounds was a real treat, I love Sports photography and this was a nice reprieve from the nightlife, studio, video and standard event coverage I usually do. Caught some great shots that I hope get published a few of the local publications. 

This week I also officially became part of the Infusion Project I have been working with for a while. The Project includes a wide range of artists from DJs to painters that bring the art to the people. Every Tuesday we do theme nights at U-31 that provide me with ample subject matter! My good friend and Colleague Nicole Novak, who has written for me before was commisioned to write my Bio for the Infusion Project Website. Here is some of the Copy (you can read the full article here):

Jeff ‘Turbo’ Corrigan is known best as the eternally-armed and heavily-equipped documentarian of the emerging San Diego music scene.

Nicknamed ‘Turbo’ for his high-energy persona and his keen ability to capture absolutely EVERYTHING on film, he is an invaluable instrument to both venues and musicians. His eye for spectacle is unmatched, and Jeff is an artist with a unique ability to recreate the very visceral experience of each individual event and its audience.

Lately his work has been noticed by some major worldwide talent and his photos have stood out greatly among those of his peers. Shots bearing the neon Turbo.FM logo have been spotted in a plethora of local magazines and websites, not to mention there seems to be a general citywide takeover of Turbo-generated default photos on all our social networking sites.

The project is doing great things and I am honored to be a part of it. If you get a chance go to the website and take a look around, and be sure to stop by one of our events.

Besides the Polo Grounds Inaugeral Game of the season coverage the Highlight of the week were the two Diplo shows I covered... thats right TWO SHOWS! 


Diplo, who's name came from his love of Dinosaurs, is a Philly based DJ, Songwriter and Producer. He has collaborated with the likes of M.I.A (his Ex-Girlfriend), Tiesto, Snoop Dogg, and Justice. Benzi, who was also on this bill at the House of Blues put together a mix with his friend. 

Now House of Blues has a contract stipulation protecting the venue from artists/labels booking in the same town within a certain time frame. This caused confusion when Diplo was rumored to have been cancelled. This was just a rumor and he continued with his booking at the venue. 

He was to play an All-Ages set in the main hall and then a 21+ set in the "Delta Room" adjacent to the Main hall in the House of Blues. I have been to pretty much every venue in San Diego, and dispite what personal feelings others have, HOB is the premier venue in San Diego. The sound is great, Lighting is above par, and the ability to have a small intimate show for an exclusive crowd really puts it over the edge. 

Yes, the Delta Room has low ceilings and hardly any lighting, but it has that Underground feel to it, Literally and figuratively. Arguably most DJ's wouldn't set foot in there because its "too small", "too hot", or "would set a precedent that I play small clubs" but after seeing and shooting both shows I will tell you that Diplo looked, sounded, and acted like he was having the time of his life. While I knew he was good with the fans and an overall nice intelligent guy I really feel like those who ditched the 21+ afterparty to go somewhere else really missed out on a great intimate performance of his and also missed a chance to meet/talk with him on a personal level. Local DJ's Turbo Teen, who also played in the Main Hall earlier shared with me their enthusiasm for being able to meet and work with such a renowned musician. (See All the photos from both shows here)

On Saturday I got a chance to celebrate the One Year Anniversary of Young Guns at El Dorado. (Gallery Here) Young Guns, the mastermind of Lee Schneider AKA DJ Groundfloor, is a showcase of Regional and local talent. I have been involved in the showcase as a photographer off and on for the last year so it was a real treat to see everyone again!

This week I'm looking forward to shooting Kelevra from the UK, 944 magazine voted this show as basically the MUST SEE show of the Summer at U-31!! Enjoy all the photos and see you out there.