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Gaux Nu Mel


The seasons are changing, attitudes are in high spirits, and Turbo.FM is on the streets gathering fresh and exclusive content in the world of fashion and music just for your enjoyment.
Our newest feature highlights a triad of talent that is well deserving of your attention.  Our beloved hometown Electro Pop sight symbols, Gaux Nu Vaux, sat down with us for an intimate look into their upcoming projects and always bright outlook.
Gaux Nu Vaux have risen in notoriety and respect over the last 6 months and recently played with Aerodrone & The Frail at the Beauty Bar.  Dan and Mel started as a duo but have recently added a drummer for a more dynamic live performance.  An exciting buzz is going around about their 6 track Self Titled EP which is set to release in the very near future.  Pulling inspiration from Princesque style song structures, along with disco infused synths and pop style vocal hooks, expect unconscious humming and tapping of the feet when indulging in their sonic palettes.  
Turbo.FM has been fortunate enough to share with you an EXCLUSIVE FIRST LOOK at their newest remix of..."Someone to L-U-V", so open your ears and turn the volume up!!!

Turbo.fm Presents:
GAUX NU VAUX - Someone to L-U-V (Turbo.fm Remix)

While you are singing along you can take a look at the prettier half of Gaux Nu Vaux turned Turbo.FM girl Mel, rocking a stunning dress from M.DOT Design.  The dress was provided by our second highlight, Maeve Riley Boutique. See more of Mel while she plays by the pool in our full gallery!
Maeve Riley has been up and running in South Park since July 2006 with a proud collection of fashion from the local community. Founded by Michelle Smith, her Irish husband's lineage played a strong part in the name.  Maeve actually translates as "one who intoxicates and is a joy to be around"....while Riley stands for "brave and courageous". Both perfectly fit the style and personality of the shop.  Shortly after bringing a child into the family in December 2007, Michelle was blessed to have Kristin Matoba, their current manager and buyer, come into the picture.  Having gone to school for fashion and design the two's tastes and vision have built Maeve Riley to be the go to boutique for a wide array of fashion in San Diego.  Stop by their store at 2328 1/2 30th st. 92104 and visit www.maeveriley.com to stock up on some threads.
With beautiful clothes and fashion sense comes a gravitation towards perfection in every avenue of life...especially your surroundings.  The backdrop for Mel's photos is none other than our third highlight, The Pearl Hotel, located at 1410 Rosecrans St. in Point Loma.  Managed by our personal friend and astounding Hotel Manager Thomas Mohrlock,  this boutique hotel offers a chic lounge setting for tourists and locals alike. It's Michael Soriano designed interior is sure to give you that mid-century swank straight out of your favorite 60's Hollywood hit show.  With 23 guest rooms, amazing dinner service Monday-Saturday, and a Bottomless Mimosa Sunday Brunch from 10 am - 2 pm, it only makes sense for you to stop by for a visit.  Rooms are extremely affordable with the standard range around $149 a night.  The interiors are very high end with some rooms even sporting mirrors on the ceiling....we'll let you paint the picture.
San Diego has so much talent consistently arising out of our sunlit little world.  Turbo.FM is consistently working to give you proper talent to put on your radar.  Look out for a format change to our fashion and music sections soon, so check back. Until then, thank you so much for tuning in!


Photos By Turbo, Assist By Missi Leigh Sampson

Makeup and Hair: Mellissa Moorcraft

Styling: Kristin Matoba

Dress: M.Dot Design, Michelle Aquino

Jewelry: Selections from Micha Design


Annie, Get your Vindata!


The days are getting sunnier, the parties are getting crazier, and Turbo.FM is getting busier and busier!  As always we bring you fresh and exclusive content in the world of fashion and music.  For our newest feature we caught up with the boys of Vindata and our favorite local vintage haven Hunt & Gather for a forward look into memberable summer nights.
Vindata is a two piece crew of heart thumping, adrenaline infused, electro crowd hypnotists.  They released a Timbaland remix that skyrocketed to #1 on Hype Machines chart list.  Now if you aren't familiar with http://www.hypem.com, this is one of the largest aggregators of music blogs in the world.  This site allows visitors to easily search over 300 of the hottest and most respectable music blogs by artist or track name, and rate the music found.  I am going to have to repeat this....Vindata's Timbaland remix reached #1 on this site!
In the midst of them packing out parties in San Diego with ease, they spend a large amount of time in the studio bumping out consistent crowd pleasers.  We are very proud to give you a Turbo.FM EXCLUSIVE first look at their newest remix for Band of Skulls, "Fires."  This will undoubtedly be raising hands in the air all throughout summer with anthemic vocals and a powerful blend of heaviness and class.  Keep your ears peeled.  Vindata is on the rise of big big things!


Turbo.fm Presents: Band Of Skulls - Fires (VINDATA Remix)


Vindata's close relatives Religion from LA are going to be rocking the floors of U-31 this Saturday May 15th under a tongue in cheek party title "All The Pretty Girls Dance To Electro."  Make sure to find your way there and expect nothing less than a wild party night.

Great music and great fashion go hand in hand, but this can go without saying.  With that in mind Turbo.FM stopped by Hunt & Gather to look at some outstanding one of kind vintage pieces, and boy did they get our mouths drooling!

Hunt & Gather is the brainchild of Lee Reynolds and wife Zoe Crenshaw.  After unexpected job losses at the same time, Lee and Zoe decided to take a loan out and go for broke on their passion.  Hunt & Gather is different than most vintage outlets in San Diego in its grassroots approach to fashion acquisition.  They literally scour everything from various thrift stores to rummage/yard sales to bring you one of a kind pieces.  If it wasn't for the "hunt", a lot of their pieces they sell could have overlooked or lost forever.

Vintage fashion is the core of their store, offering items from the past, as well as reworked vintage to bring a more modern look to an older age of attire.  They offer some items on consignment for local designers as well as their finds, and the prices very from $20-$80 standard.  Lee even sells a huge collection of his personal vinyl record treasures, and the walls of the store showcase local art from artists around SD.  Every item sold is extremely affordable and consistently amazing....can you really ask for more?

Make sure to be on the lookout for their next event coming up on June 5th, and head on down to 4496 park blvd. suite G, San Diego, Ca, 92116 to get your hands on some goodies!

Hunt & Gather spokemodel turned Turbo.FM girl Annie P. is rocking an edgy look you may find at this eclectic store.  Her eyes look keenly confident as she sports her timeless leather jacket. Can't get enough of those eyes? We know we cant! Click here to see the rest of the shoot!

Thanks for tuning in for another exclusive Turbo.FM feature.  We bring you the height of fashion as music as it presents itself.


Photos By Turbo

Download that track on Turbo.fm's music page


Teenie Mimi!



San Diego has undergone a revival of the underground rave scene over the last few years and the parties are only getting bigger. Venues are selling out...people of all ages are coming to dance their socks off...what is next you might ask? Turbo.FM sat down with a couple of our local hometown rave heros to see what's happening in their lives and what is to come. As always from fashion to music, Turbo.FM is on the forefront.
Two party moguls by the name of Turbo Teen have been gracing dance floors from Mexico to San Diego for years now. They have shared the spotlight with artists including Steve Aoki, Jack Beats, Le Castle Vania, and many, many more. 2009 marked an incredible rise in success for these young gents and the momentum is rolling at a fast pace. Armed with a arsenal of banging tunes and skillful delivery, if there is one thing you'll do at their events it's gonna be a lot of ass shaking. For this feature Turbo.FM is delighted to present SHAKE!, an exclusive mix by Turbo Teen. From fidgety house wobbles to bangin electro, you better turn the volume up....you do not want to miss this!

Turbo.fm Presents: SHAKE! By Turbo Teen


Make sure to check them out tonight at the House of Blues with LA Riots for “Shake! & Pop!”. These guys have their calender absolutely slammed! If you happen to miss out tonight, make sure to check them out next friday May 7th at the Dayglow World Tour at The World Beat Center. Over 1,000 people, hyped up dance music all night, and don't forget about the paint that will be splattered across the entire crowd. This party sold out in over 10 cities across the US in 2009 and is the largest paint party in America. This is gonna be crazy! Now that you are in the know, let's take a look at our newest Turbo.FM girl Kat....
With Spring coming to a close, Turbo.FM is bringing you an exclusive look at affordable fashion for the summer season. After all, what is better than looking sexy under the sun without burning a hole in your pocket? Our lovely new Turbo.FM girl Kat is sporting a variety of essential San Diegan attire brought to you by the one and only Mimi and Red Boutique.
Michelle Knudson and Rhondda Begley decided to open up this lovely boutique a little over 3 years back in the heart of Northpark. When asked what inspired them to open up shop, Michelle replied “I love shopping....I use to be a bartender and hated it so I thought why not open my own store.” A simple revelation has turned into the go to spot for womens fashion and accessories. Make sure to stop by and say hi at 3032 University Ave., San Diego, CA 92104.
The first outfit Turbo.FM girl Kat is rocking features Jack by BB Dakota shorts with an overflow top. Kat's jewerly is by Natalia N.OM and on her wrist is a Nixon's Mens Capital watch. This entire outfit is under $200 including all accessories (save the watch of course! :) ).  The 2nd outfit is a dress by Element for only $50 and bracelets by Jeweliany. The 3rd outfit is selling out at an alarming rate! You can purchase this stylish dress at Mimi and Red for only $36. This is an obvious reason why these are flying off the shelves. Kat's necklace and bracelets are handmade by Jeweliany and are special ordered only.
Thanks to Marisa Ramirez from the Lab Salon, Kat's hair and make up are looking amazing! Turbo.FM would love for you to check out more of these styles at www.mimiandred.com and get yourself some summer gifts.
Thanks again for checking out our newest feature. Turbo.FM will continue to deliver you fresh and exclusive content in the world of fashion and music.
Photos By Turbo
See more of Kat in her Gallery HERE!
Download Turbo Teen's Mix on Turbo.fm's Music Page



In case you didn't feel the earth shaking on Easter or come back with your Coachella sunburn yet, I'm here to tell you that summer is here! Or at least it is for Sunny San Diegans. This is So Cal’s season for style - and like everything from this generation, we’re doing it our own way. From events to mixtapes to fashion… summer is our element.
Joey “Headshake” Maldonado kindly put together an exclusive Turbo.fm minimix, just in time for you to whet your appetite for genre-less bass and striking vocals. Headshake has been gracing the tables with bigger and bigger talent these days, having played recently with Le Castle Vania, Zoo Brazil, and Paparazzi. Word is he’ll also be playing with fidget master Kelevra at U31 very soon. 

Turbo.fm Presents: Headshake's All Things Bass Minimix

Although Joey came out of the woodwork recently as one of the few local DJs that would play dubstep in a set, and participated in some notorious bus parties and underground infernos, his minimix ensures that dubstep is not the only thing this boy does well. He’s known to spin everything from nu-disco to house to minimal and back again, and his mixes are usually a seamless concoction of bass paired with sexy female vocals. Catch him at parties like Feel the Noise and Humpnight, and check out his variety of techniques.
In addition to making you dance in venues all over SD, Joey also runs the Mintphonic music blog. He maintains it under the M.O.: “Fresh and Hard Dance Music.” Who could resist? Mintphonic is an addictive multi-media page fixed with downloads, “Mintelevision” videos, reviews, and info about eye-catching upcoming events.
Speaking of upcoming events, this Tuesday will be the grand opening of ‘Fables by Barrie.’ Barrie Kaufman’s Park Blvd store will feature “vintage inspired dresses and swimwear,” and will be tempting you to snatch up one of these cute suits or skirts any day now. Jen Z, the pouty red-lipped model pictured here (and even more here!), is wearing the “Dottie” suit by Barrie. All the styles are spunky and sexy, with super-sweet patterns. Think: polka dots and lemonade stands.
And not just swimwear! Punky/Feminine retro-inspired dresses (perfect for summer barbeques and pool parties), rompers and high-waisted skirts too! Barrie calls her company "fables" for a reason, some of these styles are absolutely dreamy. She creates great details in each piece - anchor buttons, bows, ruffles, and lace are subtle touches you’ll find. All her work is sultry and fabulous – she likes to say, “fashion forward meets past.” She only works with the best fabrics, they are all super soft and made to stretch for ultimate flattery; and pieces feature things like adjustable straps and irresistible sheath overlays.
You can shop online at www.sailorswimsuits.com (there is even a size chart to help), but I hear the store is adorable. In tune with Barrie's vintage style it's been decorated in sea foam green with salmon details... and especially if you're buying swimsuits, ladies, you want to go in and make sure you get the fit that's not-too-tight but just tight enough. Jen’s “Dottie” suit has a great cut, retro inspired, but don't worry ladies this is not your grandmother's neckline. The bikini looks luscious and has a very modern sex appeal while still leaving something to the imagination.
‘Fables by Barrie’ opens Tuesday April 20th at 11am. Barrie has been in business for three years now but this will be her first store, as her business has finally outgrown the second bedroom of her apartment. Her “Sailor” swimsuit is her claim to fame, and has even been featured in People Magazine. You can find her now at 3775 Park Boulevard, between University and Robinson, and she just can’t wait to  dress all you foxy San Diego girls. Watch out if you want the "Lemonade” dress though, cause you're going to have to beat me there.
“Is there anything else you'd like to add?” we asked her.
“Sailorswimsuits.com!” she says and laughs. “They're hot shit.”


 -Nicole Novak

 Photos by: Turbo




Bringing you exclusive and fresh material as always, this week we are going to spend a Decade in Vegas.

Andrew Decade is our beloved 70's afro wearing sight symbol of the Indie Electro scene.  A graphic designer by day, he has no problem switching roles when the sun goes down to annihilating dance floors around San Diego. We gave him a call this last week requesting an exclusive Turbo.FM mini mix which he happily arranged for us. Following his creative impulses, he woke up last saturday to abruptly record his ROLL OUT OF BED MIX in one swift take.
Now that's some swagger!

Turbo.fm Presents: Andrew Decade's Roll out of Bed Mix

Now remember this mix is exclusive to Turbo.FM....so turn up the volume and get ready for some heat!  Decade will be opening for the Villains on April 10th at a massive event at the World Beat Center.  By the way, if you see him out, make sure to yell "Andrew!", cause his real name is Kevin Bonner and he will most likely not respond!
We love you Kevin.
If you haven't already noticed Kelli, get your ostrich digging head out of the hole.  Kelli is rocking a dress by none other than Francisco Medavog Couture titled "Vegas" from his Space Invaders collection.  

With decades in the fashion industry, Medavog has collected over 20,000 pieces of couture including gowns, handbags, and jewelry.  All of these pieces have given him the acute eye to create this new collection of one of a kind hand-sewn masterpieces. Medavog has said he has fallen in love with the future: This signature dress made with fabrics imported from Rome exudes that forward looking style that is as unique as the person wearing it.

"Vegas" invites your mind to visualize the contours of the body in the dress's absence while still maintaining that fun cocktail dress innocence. Regionally reknowned Kelli O is our newest Turbo.FM model.  She is most well known for not only her work with Medavog Couture, but also as the Hollywood Tans All-American Bikini Girl winner at last years Bikini Week in San Diego. For this feature Kelli did her own makeup that complimented Alexander Wegner's styling from A Style Concierge.
As always, the photos you see are the tip of the iceberg, and we know you will love to see more (click here)  Once again Turbo.FM is bringing you fresh exclusive content as it happens.
Download that mix you can't stop listening to on the Turbo.fm Music Page



Welcome to the NEW TURBO.FM

Colour Vision Knows It's Wendy!

It is finally here, the brand new Turbo.FM!  From today forward we will be providing you with the freshest exclusive content from the world of Fashion and Music.  Our new home page will house everything from the HD photos you know and love,  to featured artists music mixes, wardrobe, and event info to the hottest parties around town.  Turbo.FM is growing at an alarming rate thanks to all of our lovely and dedicated viewers.  We will continue to be the source for all your event photo and video needs, with a tons of other surprises 100% unique to this site!

We have a very exclusive mix this week brought to you by our favorite San Diego duo COLOUR VISION.  Corey and Daniel have been killing dance floors all over SD in sold out fashion.  With a penchant for sexy party vibes and disco dames, these boys make it easy for you to get up and shake your ass like there's no tomorrow.  Theres no better way to describe them than through there keen sense of music selection and air tight delivery.  Make sure to listen to their newest mini mix BITCHES LIKE DISCO, only found here at Turbo.FM!  Besides....bitches never really love anything :)

Turbo.fm Presents: Colour Vision's Bitches Like Disco Minimix

We know, we know....you wanna press play again.  Go head and do it as many times as you need.  You can't get this mini mix anywhere else.  With a tracklist consisting of a Colour Vision unreleased edit, Religion, and a brand new unreleased Fare Soldi track, you are apart of something very special!  Tell your friends what's up....it would be rude to let them miss out on this :)

You have to witness Colour Vision tonight March 12th at the House Of Blues in San Diego.  They'll be on the 1's and 2's alongside Pornscore, our local rave heroes Turbo Teen, and of the course the one and only Kid Millionaire from DIM MAK, STEVE AOKI!  These all age events have been slam packed with only one focus on every party goers mind....to rock the fuck out!  The party has a new and fresh name, SHAKE!, and thats exactly what you'll be doing the entire show.  For all you 21+ out there,  Colour Vision will be playing alongside Fare Soldi, with a warm up set by Kellen Holt, on March 20th @ U-31.  Damnit, I can already feel my legs getting sore...

Last and extremely fresh is our first featured Turbo.FM girl Wendy!  She is sporting the brand new Paul Frank and American Apparel Turbo.FM gear printed by FreshFromMars.com.  Damn Wendy.....you are holding it down!   She is the first of many featured models to come, so check back regularly.  If you want to check out more of Wendy, and we know you do, make sure to visit her exclusive photo shoot page right here on Turbo.FM.  We are so excited and thankful that you are taking part in our expansion.  This would never be possible without our lovely viewers!  Tell your friends, from photos, video, fashion, and music...we bring you the hottest exclusive content as it happens.


Download that killer mix you can's stop listening to on the Turbo.FM music page!