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Hyphy Crunk iPhone 4 Test Video in Low Light

An unedited video of the Killer Hyphy Crunk show at Shake at the House of Blues.

I decided to play with my new iPhone and capture Hyphy Crunk at House of Blues while I was shooting it... Its halfway decent in low light...

Really impressed with the noise canceling sound though!

Check it out!


We are in the age of consent...

Anytime the majority of a female crowd decides to wear more bracelets than clothing while jumping, in unison, to music that makes you feel as euphoric as the dru... glow sticks? You can count me in. Nothing short of completely “non-drug” induced euphoria was flowing though the system thanks to beats from the likes of BassFreakz, Headshake, Myron Eugene, and of course Pornscore. The reason we were all there was in celebration of Pornscore’s new CD release, and we weren’t leaving until satisfied. If you didn’t make it you weren’t breathing, but luckily, Turbo.FM has you covered.  We’ve got video and photos. We simply love to relive and can’t get enough of the Sugar – Pornscore CD Release Party. I’m new here.
What is the legal age of consent in California, again?
It doesn’t matter.  Give me your bracelet anyway, and make sure you do it with a very smooth, fluid motion.

sugarspiceevents.com present SUGAR

Beats from:
Myron Eugene

Photos and Video By Turbo... see more at www.turbo.fm

Track info: Pendulum - The Island, Part 2 (Dusk)


Who the F@#K is Julius?

Who the F@#K is Julius? For those of you who are new to Turbo.fm, our "King Julius" is the consummate crazy host of the hit internet sensation Kitchen Time With the #1 Julius  This fun, quirky, skit like web show is one part off the cuff culinary cuisine mixed with a dash of weekly event shakedowns and local talent interviews. Its a hilarious smorgasbord remix you don't want to miss!
You may be one of the lucky few who have caught a glimpse of our trendsetting Deutschland native while cruising about town at our local hipster havens but if you haven't, you should keep your eyes out for this special import! Julius is always a character in rare form who never disappoints with his fine tastes in food or his penchant for nightlife antics and outlandish euro-freak fashion.
Don't miss out on the current webisode classics of Kitchen Time with the #1 Julius and stay tuned for the new season as Julius continues his one-man quest to bring back the pipe and smoking jacket! We have a great crew working on "Kitchen Time" which includes Turbo behind the lens,  Headshake in the editing room, and as always will include a great mix of nu-school cuisine mixed with local talent and weekly scene reports. Check out all the past episodes below which begins with a special installment from this past weekend!


Auf Wiedersehen, Darlings!

-Snidely Whiplash

Photos and Video By Turbo


Julius Discusses Burgers from Jeff Corrigan on Vimeo.


The "F" in ".FM"

Today I am pleased to announce the addition of Kayla Hynes to the Turbo.fm Team! Kayla will be the new Fashion Columnist, she is now the "F" in Turbo.fm. I have given her carte blanche for the Turbo.fm/fashion section. Thats right, its all hers!  

I gave her only two pieces of direction: One, nothing negative, no one wants their fashion faux pas all over the internet... plus there are plenty of trashy gossip sites for that. And Two, she must stick with the theme of the site, in that the Exclusive Imagery is the root of the uniqueness of the site.
So, those rules aside, its all hers. In following her personal blog I have found she has a very unique eye when it comes to fashion photography and I am happy to bring her on to explore and expand her passion. Congratulations and Welcome Kayla!
As a photographer I couldn't help but grab her and do a shoot to celebrate the new addition. The photos here were inspired by "The Satorialist" a New York based fashion photographer who tries to capture fashion of the people. Kayla regularly uses  imagery from his site to gauge what is the real trend and cutting edge. I'm sure she will be sending me camera phone pictures of things she wants to write about and commission me to go out, find it out on the town and take a bunch if pictures of it! Just remember Kayla, I'm still the editor! :P
Please join me in welcoming her to the site and be sure to frequent her page when you visit! www.turbo.fm/fashion
Also, be sure to share with her anything you see as a trend around the region when you see her out and about or via email at kayla@turbo.fm. Oh, and if you approach her to talk fashion and she says "What fashion page?" you are probably talking to her IDENTICAL TWIN sister Krysta! :)




 Photos By Turbo




This week I had a real variety of events I covered, from Polo Matches and Art Shows all the way to All Ages Mega events. The opening of the SD Polo Grounds was a real treat, I love Sports photography and this was a nice reprieve from the nightlife, studio, video and standard event coverage I usually do. Caught some great shots that I hope get published a few of the local publications. 

This week I also officially became part of the Infusion Project I have been working with for a while. The Project includes a wide range of artists from DJs to painters that bring the art to the people. Every Tuesday we do theme nights at U-31 that provide me with ample subject matter! My good friend and Colleague Nicole Novak, who has written for me before was commisioned to write my Bio for the Infusion Project Website. Here is some of the Copy (you can read the full article here):

Jeff ‘Turbo’ Corrigan is known best as the eternally-armed and heavily-equipped documentarian of the emerging San Diego music scene.

Nicknamed ‘Turbo’ for his high-energy persona and his keen ability to capture absolutely EVERYTHING on film, he is an invaluable instrument to both venues and musicians. His eye for spectacle is unmatched, and Jeff is an artist with a unique ability to recreate the very visceral experience of each individual event and its audience.

Lately his work has been noticed by some major worldwide talent and his photos have stood out greatly among those of his peers. Shots bearing the neon Turbo.FM logo have been spotted in a plethora of local magazines and websites, not to mention there seems to be a general citywide takeover of Turbo-generated default photos on all our social networking sites.

The project is doing great things and I am honored to be a part of it. If you get a chance go to the website and take a look around, and be sure to stop by one of our events.

Besides the Polo Grounds Inaugeral Game of the season coverage the Highlight of the week were the two Diplo shows I covered... thats right TWO SHOWS! 


Diplo, who's name came from his love of Dinosaurs, is a Philly based DJ, Songwriter and Producer. He has collaborated with the likes of M.I.A (his Ex-Girlfriend), Tiesto, Snoop Dogg, and Justice. Benzi, who was also on this bill at the House of Blues put together a mix with his friend. 

Now House of Blues has a contract stipulation protecting the venue from artists/labels booking in the same town within a certain time frame. This caused confusion when Diplo was rumored to have been cancelled. This was just a rumor and he continued with his booking at the venue. 

He was to play an All-Ages set in the main hall and then a 21+ set in the "Delta Room" adjacent to the Main hall in the House of Blues. I have been to pretty much every venue in San Diego, and dispite what personal feelings others have, HOB is the premier venue in San Diego. The sound is great, Lighting is above par, and the ability to have a small intimate show for an exclusive crowd really puts it over the edge. 

Yes, the Delta Room has low ceilings and hardly any lighting, but it has that Underground feel to it, Literally and figuratively. Arguably most DJ's wouldn't set foot in there because its "too small", "too hot", or "would set a precedent that I play small clubs" but after seeing and shooting both shows I will tell you that Diplo looked, sounded, and acted like he was having the time of his life. While I knew he was good with the fans and an overall nice intelligent guy I really feel like those who ditched the 21+ afterparty to go somewhere else really missed out on a great intimate performance of his and also missed a chance to meet/talk with him on a personal level. Local DJ's Turbo Teen, who also played in the Main Hall earlier shared with me their enthusiasm for being able to meet and work with such a renowned musician. (See All the photos from both shows here)

On Saturday I got a chance to celebrate the One Year Anniversary of Young Guns at El Dorado. (Gallery Here) Young Guns, the mastermind of Lee Schneider AKA DJ Groundfloor, is a showcase of Regional and local talent. I have been involved in the showcase as a photographer off and on for the last year so it was a real treat to see everyone again!

This week I'm looking forward to shooting Kelevra from the UK, 944 magazine voted this show as basically the MUST SEE show of the Summer at U-31!! Enjoy all the photos and see you out there.



Deadmau5 "Unhooked" Launch Video

Deadmau5 Launches "Unhooked" tour at the Hard Rock Hotel - San Diego - Strobe & Rage Against The Machine - Killing in the Name from Jeff Corrigan on Vimeo.

Deadmau5 Launches "Unhooked" tour in San Diego - Strobe & Rage Against The Machine - Killing in the Name

Live at Hard Rock Hotel - San Diego 5-30-10

See more Photos Video and Music at www.turbo.fm

Audio and Video is Copyrighted to their respective owners.


New Format (AGAIN!) - and the biggest changes yet!

Photo By Tim KingAs promised in our last feature, we told you to keep a look out on the site for some changes. Well here it is:

As most of you already know this is a one man show, I shoot and edit everything on the site. Now I have contributors and guest editors from time to time and I am very thankful to those who have supported me in growing my photography into a site and format that keeps you coming back for more. I would especially like to thank Joey "Headshake" Maldonado, Nicole Novak and all the models, designers and DJs that have helped me in the past and will continue to help me.

I have found out two things about my current format: A: two weeks is too long between posts, and B: Two weeks is too soon between posts. On the former, I feel like I'm constantly posting new imagery but the feature is going unnoticed after the first time its read. On the latter, I am finding that scheduling a Writer, Model, Designer, MUA, DJ/Band and Location has proven to be a challenging endeavor to say the least, sometimes it takes weeks just to find a schedule that works. 

So, what does this mean? 

Well, from this post on I want to center on the events, music artists, designers, models, places and people I come across while on assignment. I have gotten very positive feedback for the new site and for the most part it wont change, ESPECIALLY the exclusive content. For example, I shot Fare Soldi earlier this year and I would have loved to do a more intimate feature on them including the photos I shot at my studio that night. But because I had committed to a format it fell by the wayside. So I will continue to do features like I have been on a much more unstructured timeframe, but NOW you will hopefully get more content and a more enriching experience from the site. 

Well, Without further adeu, my first post:

What a Week!

Memorial week could quite possibly have been the most booked I have been in months! With Riviera magazine keeping me busy during some of the days. I think I had 9 gigs in 5 days! I am just now recovering from the weekend. 

Coming off a week of Celebrity Golf Tournament in Rancho Sante Fe, where I had an opportunity to shoot Drew Brees, Trent Dilfer, Rollie Fingers and Scott Erickson to name a few, I fell right into Memorial Day Weekend completely unprepared. And I'm usually prepared for anything!

DubDorado and My birthday week were amazing and I just cant express the excitement I have for the coming months on that project. Coming into the weekend I, quite frankly, had tunnel vision for only one show... Deadmau5 at the Hard Rock Hotel San Diego. The Intervention parties are usually not the crowd I would choose to hang out in but for this show I couldnt resist it when my contacts at the marketing department for the hotel contacted me to shoot for them. 

Joel Zimmerman is not a DJ... he is a musician. I would love to write about his music and how it has revolutionized the House Music Scene and how music is delivered from the web, but honestly, I'd rather talk about his presence back stage. Deadmau5 is debatably, next to Oakenfold, the biggest name the Intervention Party has ever seen. His fans, that kept security busy, were definitly an indication of this. Joel had just come off of a 24 hour sleepless trip to SD, his manager and him both looked as if sun was the last thing they wanted to see. Those of you who are familiar with Deadmau5, know that "Pool parties" are not really their bag.


From his attitude when his manager was "Choking" him for a fan photo (above left). To his reaction to the photo I requested of him and I (above right), all the way to the actual show you could tell that as the sun [redbull, champagne] took effect that they caught their second (or fifth) wind.

The show was everything you would think it would be. All the tracks mixed fresh for you live, along with some new stuff you haven't heard. He even through in his own version of Rage Against The Machine's "Killing in the Name"

As a contrast to Deadmau5's logarithmic increase in attitude thoughout the day, Setup man AFROJACK was absolutely rested, calm and ULTRA COOL

As cool as the (extremely tall) Afrojack was while local Jon Dadon was on the decks prior to him, this did not reflect on his set at all. He got the crowd going while still keeping that cool vibe that has made him so famous.

I really tried to capture an Intimate look into this show with my photos. These here are just the tip of the Iceburg, see the rest in the full gallery.


On memorial day I tried to relax by getting together with some friends for a great BBQ before I started right back up again the next day. The Slip-n-Slide was a nice touch though!

Wednesday morning I get a text from the Owner of U31, saying "you better be coming tonight with your camera!" "Coming Where?" I thought, I hadn't been booked officially and I had heard a rumor about something going down by Seth Combs from City Beat. Come to find out that Bone-Thuggs-n-Harmony were to play a secret set at the "U" after their HOB show. I hadn't heard of them since I worked in a record store in 1995, and the "Post Easy-E" E. 1999 Eternal album came out! Well, the show was brief to say the least... but to grab a few shots before a crowd of maybe 200 was a treat. 

I bearly had a chance to download the cards from Wednesday when I realized that Thursday was Buddy Akai, a band I have done significant work with, first full length CD release party at the Casbah. I did the two inside photos of their new CD so I wanted to see my work for the first time and congratulate them.

Bryan Stratman & Michael Cooper's Hyena Project set things up, let me be very clear: these guys put out a ton of good music for a duo! They are a very good fit on any bill with the likes of Buddy Akai and will do very good things in the future. I can understand now why Coop wanted to concentrate on the Hyena project.

Ironically this is the smallest stage I have ever shot my friends from Buddy Akai, I have shot them at the [click for galleries] Flame, U31, and Voyeur (Twice). I'll tell you one thing, this time was a blast. You really could witness the pride Memo, Rotney, Alvaro and Waly had about the new album. Nite Vision residents/promoters Gabe Vega and Adam Salter both made an effort to attend and show their support before heading back Downtown. I have never seen Waly so into the show before, he was right there, almost in the crowd! I heard a few new tracks that had not been performed before and I like what I heard.

The weekend brought me back in touch with Lee Schneider (aka Groundfloor) we used to work quite a bit together and he also was instrumental in getting me gigs that I still have to this day. I always have fun when I work for Lee and this one was no different. Thee Mike B headlined things this weekend and it seemed like Deja Vu. You see, Mike B was here a week ago with his other, admittedly better, project: Camo UFOs at El Dorado's new Dubstep Night Dub Dorado. 

After the beats at U31, I was called by one of the promoters to stop by Reset SD at the Sports Arena. Ok, you don't have to ask me twice. While I was only there for about an hour, I did get a chance to see Flying Lotus and BSOD half Steve Duda. I had seen Lotus before and this set was just as good if not better than his other shows. The Real McCoy was Steve Duda, after seeing Deadmau5 (the other half of BSOD) just six days prior it was amazing to see the contrasting styles of two electronic musicians separate from their project. My only wish is that I would have known I was going to shoot this event and I would have brought some of my specialty lenses, oh well, I got some amazing shots.

All in all I think it was a great week to start this new format... please leave your comments below and leave your good and bad feedback! And don't forget, see more of all the events above in the photos section of Turbo.fm!!