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S.K.A.M. Artist takeover Video w/ Dave Navarro

Chris Garcia, DJ Skribble and Dave Navarro take over the Hard Rock Hotel on the 4th of July 2010!

Directed and Shot By Jeff "Turbo" Corrigan

Track Info: Kleptones - Surf Mountain (Feat Janes Addiction and Trentemoller)

See more photos and video at: www.turbo.fm


Disco Afterlife!


“The culture became a part of me, and then it became me.” 

This alone describes David “Afterlife” Williams, his passion for his work, the road that he took to becoming one of the most respected DJs in the San Diego scene, and where his future is headed.
So how does someone who's roots in the hardcore scene of his hometown Jacksonville, Florida branch out and make his way to the exclusive bars and nightclubs of San Diego? By way of Bahrain and Dubai, that’s how.  During Afterlife’s stint in the military, he gained knowledge and passion for a very broad spectrum of music and theory.  I mean, what the hell else can you do in the middle of the desert?  You learn and dream.
His plans and dreams included learning literally enough of every instrument to become a one man band.  I have another question for you.  How the hell was he to use all learned instruments simultaneously to piece together a work of art that he could share with the world?
Mastering another craft...  Electronic Music.
“Disco House is my favorite.  The music is harmonic, spacey, and moves like a never ending dream.”
You can’t speak like that about something that you aren’t passionate about.  Afterlife knows exactly what he wants in his style of music.  He wants you to dance.  He wants you to feel in your soul what is coming from the other side of the speakers, and he uses exactly the right tools for the job.  In fact, he uses one tool that no one else does, and he gave the secret to Turbo.FM to share.
“The Tonium Pacemaker is what I'm best known for here in San Diego.  I'm the only one that uses and plays an entire set live with one. It's the size of a Sony PSP and holds up to 120GBs of music.”
Sure, equipment comes into play, but everyone knows that the technique keeps them coming back to dance to certain sounds every weekend.  It’s the flow and feel of the set. The technique, he has; harmonically blending tracks, vinyl styling, hi and lo filter, and the build- up are all things that keep you coming back to this magical sound every chance you get to hear it.
It’s an art, and he is an artist. 
“Make an impression on the listeners that they will never forget.”
You owe it to yourself to experience a set from David Afterlife.  Where is he going?  In these humble eyes and ears, straight to the top and he won’t stop.  He doesn’t know how. There is a reason you go see him whenever you can.  If you haven’t, he has put in his time to perfect the art of the set, and you should take the time necessary to have your mind un-naturally blown.
Not to worry though.  If you haven’t, Turbo.FM has you covered with an exclusive mix [Download].

Enjoy, my friends.
Photos By Turbo





Costumes? No, this is safety gear!

At Comic-con all too often you fun into all kinds of Fan-Fashion. From props from real movie sets to faux-replicas to be worn as costumes. While at this year's Comic-Con I ran into what I thought was the same old-same old... but alas, I was wrong.

With all the hype from the upcoming Tron Legacy trailer above movie all over the convention it was easy to dismiss Universal Designs Full Leather Motorcycle suits as fancy promotional costumes. Upon closer inspection, however, the detail becomes clear: these suits are not merely costumes, but fully functional motorcycle safety gear! As an avid rider myself in the past, I spent hundreds if not thousands of dollars on "real" leathers made by the likes of Vanson, Joe Rocket, and other brands. For around $1300 you can get an Officially Licensed Movie Replica that performs both functions! When I say Movie Replica I mean SCREEN ACCURATE, and David Pea, proprietor of Universal Designs out of Toronto, Canada, has assured that when you wear this suit it's as close to the real thing as possible, without spending $20000 at an auction... and it'll actually protect you! 

Each suit has CE approved armor which is removable along with the thermal liner. So if you are so inclined to wear it as a costume (just don't tell David!) you can strip it down to its bare essentials. 

Currently David has four models (five if you include the female Tron Suit), all shown at Comic-con this year. Along with Tron, there are [left to right below] Wolverine, Iron Man 2, and The Dark Knight (Batman). If you are interested be sure to stop by the UD and Tron booths and say hi to David!

Oh, and the Tron suit lights up too!! (I know, totally geeky)


Photos By Turbo




"Yeah, so, San Diego basically turns into Hollywood for the week”

Those are the words that came from our beloved editor and master behind the lens, Turbo, when I asked about my first year within the madness known as Comic - Con International.

To be completely honest, I have no idea what to expect, but my expectations are high.

Lucky for you, we have a phenomenal team of writers covering every aspect of this massive convention.  All of the things that you are going to miss in person will be relayed to you via video, sound, the best quality of photos and words.

The first thing that comes to my mind when thinking of Comic - Con is the fashion or "Fan-shion".  I am more than sure you will get your fill of the fashion aspect from Kayla (who I hear is giddy at the thought of reviewing Comic - Con's finest fashions and "trends") Will it be "Edward" or "Jacob"? Only time will tell! 

For the sake of being a music writer with something to offer to this glorious weekend, I am all about the after party.  Who will we see showing up with surprise at random venues?  We already know about Rusko at The Red Circle or Mix Master Mike at Fluxx to kick off the weekend the right way on Thursday.

One thing you can rest at ease knowing?  Our master of the lens and captivator of the moment Turbo will be there to catch the very best of surprises, and shows that you wish you could get into this weekend.  Case in point, GWAR at 4th and B for a special show at last year’s Comic - Con Vice Magazine Afterparty.  You’ll see the amazing work we threw at you then right here for a taste of what’s to come exclusively at Turbo.FM

We had you then, and we’ve got you now.  I can’t wait to see what my first year brings.


Photos By Turbo



IT'S PRENTICE! ...The "M" in Turbo.FM!

Last month we introduced you to Kayla Hynes, our Fashion Writer, if you haven't gotten a chance to see her posts make sure you check out or fashion section! 

This week marks the addition of Prentice Parton as our Music Writer!! He'll be the "M" in "FM"... I have given the same Carte Blanc rules that I afforded Kayla, the three of us together will continue to deliver exclusive imagery by using true photo/videojournalism...

So, who the F@&K is Prentice? 

A native Nashvillian, Prentice left Tennessee for a job last fall for a position at the new X1FM.com internet radio station as a "VJ". X1FM.com is an independent 24hour a day international web radio station based here in the San Diego area. They feature only the best talent and cutting edge music and video content... if you havent checked it out yet its time that you do. Prentice is "On the Air" from 7-11PT Monday through Friday on the Alternative channel.

Prentice's unique Mid-western-not-quite-south-but-south background gives him a unique perspective on the growing scene here in the region. "EDM is HUGE, and has really over shadowed the 'traditional' music scene recently, and will continue to do so!" Prentice commented this afternoon when I had a chance to sit down with him, "Producers and live electronic acts are really going to take a forefront in the coming months, I am really looking forward to joining a team that takes the opportunity to create something truly from scratch, to have Carte Blanc on a project is really what every writer wants in what they do!"


When asked what his favorite music is prentice responded "am I supposed to say 'Bluegrass'?" 

Whatever Prentice, be sure to check out www.turbo.fm/music in the coming weeks for his fresh articles! Meanwhile check out his review of a recent video here.


Photos By Turbo.


Ask me anything.

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Quick Same Day edit ALL on the iPhone

So I decided to shoot and edit a short video ENTIRELY on the new iPhone at Wavehouse today.

Video from the wavehouse 7-11-10.

Shot AND Edited ENTIRELY with the iPhone 4 and iMovie for iPhone.

Classixx, Deth Hertz