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A little test with the new GO PRO HERO HD video cam. Taken from 9am - 9pm every half minute from outside my studio.

Time lapse with Go Pro Hero HD over 12 hours 9am to 9pm every 30 seconds.

Track is Tokyo Police Club - Wait Up (Boots of Danger) RAC Remix


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The Tumblr has Arrived.

I have found I have more photos from my archives and recent events that I just want to share, not nessesarly write a whole article about... so I started a tumblr. It only includes the "Best of the Day" Check it out and follow its feeds





Over the Rainbow


The inspiration for this lovely shoot reared from two things really, firstly, an up and coming fall trend of night time glamour, opulent bronze and gold with a red lip that never goes out of style. Model Rainbow is wearing a bronze geometric shape party dress paired with thigh high socks that have been seen recently on the Alexander Wang and Rag & Bone runways! I’m really hoping this fall to see a lot of Over accessorizing in the Right way! Chunky jewelry and stacked rings, especially stones and vintage are a great start.

Secondly, I wanted to dedicate this article and photo shoot to the late Lee Alexander McQueen. When I first saw this amazing gold and bronze printed shoulder padded jacket I immediately thought of a couple different outfits from his Fall 2010 Collection [ the last collection he created]. I was so inspired and happy to see it at H&M that I snatched it right up and wanted to show it everyone! The jacket itself is very unconventional and unique and is so reminiscent of what he last created. According to WWD McQueens last collection was inspired by “Byzantine art and Old Master paintings”

Alexander McQueen was a visionary and known for his highly controversial and extreme design aesthetic. McQueen drew inspiration from nature and other shocking topics and leaves people in awe after seeing a collection for the first time. When models walk down the runway, it’s like seeing pieces of live art work and not just mere clothing on a body. The impression he left is astounding. McQueen is mesmerizing, truly unique and a genius fashion designer that has definitely earned his respects in the high end fashion world. May we never forget Lee Alexander McQueen.



Photos By Turbo

Styling By Kayla



Dubstep? ...Yes, Please!

Dub Dorado has rapidly become my favorite night among all nights to go out and enjoy myself.

In the view of some, I probably enjoy myself entirely too much at El Dorado every 2nd and 4thWednesday of the month.  My response is simply: “How can I not”?

I have to be honest and say that I didn’t know an incredible amount about the “dub- step scene” before jumping into my first Wednesday of “Dub Dorado”.  I deeply felt whatever the hell was inside this form of electronic music (the breakdowns, the transitions, etc.) and that is something I simply couldn’t deny.  I can’t begin to explain to you how incredibly hard I dance in unison with an entire crowd to this phenomenon that has seemingly taken over the nights in San Diego.  You’ll just have to witness.

We would love to see you out at the next Dub Dorado.  You should come expecting the usual suspects.  Head$hake (Mintphonic), Austin Speed, Mr. Biggs (Turntable Lab), and as always a very promising headlining talent will take you to another dimension of sound and pleasure that you never knew existed.

Without a doubt, after a few nights of Dub Dorado, it rapidly became my favorite among all nights to go out and literally let go of every single inhibition.  Make it yours as well. Don't believe me? We captured all of them so far: 

Dub Dorado

Dub Dorado II

Dub Dorado III

Dub Dorado IV

Dub Dorado V

I may even get naked with you next time this Wednesday September 8th, right there on the dance floor.  Stranger things have happened!


Photos By Turbo





I try to put forth 110% into every project, but when I get an opportunity to shoot live music, I always jump at the chance and really put my full passion into it... 

Here are highlights of the Chromeo show last night at the House of Blues San Diego, see more here.




It's the (NORTH PARK) Music (Thing)

Aaron Blomberg of Shark Attack

Mike Cooper of HyenaThis weekend will be my very first experience with the much anticipated North Park Music Thing, and I couldn't be more excited.

After very careful consideration of all venues and acts included in this weekends festivities, I have my route mapped and I'm ready to enjoy it to the fullest.

Venues ranging from The Whistle Stop to U-31, The Office to The Ruby Room, and beyond promise to be packed with phenomenal acts for this years North Park Music Thing.  
Gaux Nu Vaux
The venue that I am looking forward to hanging around the most?  U-31.  

Both Friday and Saturday have bands that I have seen and am a huge fan of, and a few that I have been wanting to see.  In that includes The Silent Comedy on Friday at 12:35. and back to back phenomenal shows will have my full attention on Saturday with Hyena, Gaux Nu Vaux and Shark Attack taking over a two hour (10:35 - 12:35) block.

If you are wanting to know my pick for "the place to be" during this weekend's North Park Music Thing…  I'm going with U-31 on Saturday.  

I'm looking forward to reviewing and writing about this event when it's all said and done next week. See you there, friends.


Photos by Turbo

Eric Flynn [left] and Patrick Heaney of Shark Attack Live