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Annie, Get your Vindata!


The days are getting sunnier, the parties are getting crazier, and Turbo.FM is getting busier and busier!  As always we bring you fresh and exclusive content in the world of fashion and music.  For our newest feature we caught up with the boys of Vindata and our favorite local vintage haven Hunt & Gather for a forward look into memberable summer nights.
Vindata is a two piece crew of heart thumping, adrenaline infused, electro crowd hypnotists.  They released a Timbaland remix that skyrocketed to #1 on Hype Machines chart list.  Now if you aren't familiar with http://www.hypem.com, this is one of the largest aggregators of music blogs in the world.  This site allows visitors to easily search over 300 of the hottest and most respectable music blogs by artist or track name, and rate the music found.  I am going to have to repeat this....Vindata's Timbaland remix reached #1 on this site!
In the midst of them packing out parties in San Diego with ease, they spend a large amount of time in the studio bumping out consistent crowd pleasers.  We are very proud to give you a Turbo.FM EXCLUSIVE first look at their newest remix for Band of Skulls, "Fires."  This will undoubtedly be raising hands in the air all throughout summer with anthemic vocals and a powerful blend of heaviness and class.  Keep your ears peeled.  Vindata is on the rise of big big things!


Turbo.fm Presents: Band Of Skulls - Fires (VINDATA Remix)


Vindata's close relatives Religion from LA are going to be rocking the floors of U-31 this Saturday May 15th under a tongue in cheek party title "All The Pretty Girls Dance To Electro."  Make sure to find your way there and expect nothing less than a wild party night.

Great music and great fashion go hand in hand, but this can go without saying.  With that in mind Turbo.FM stopped by Hunt & Gather to look at some outstanding one of kind vintage pieces, and boy did they get our mouths drooling!

Hunt & Gather is the brainchild of Lee Reynolds and wife Zoe Crenshaw.  After unexpected job losses at the same time, Lee and Zoe decided to take a loan out and go for broke on their passion.  Hunt & Gather is different than most vintage outlets in San Diego in its grassroots approach to fashion acquisition.  They literally scour everything from various thrift stores to rummage/yard sales to bring you one of a kind pieces.  If it wasn't for the "hunt", a lot of their pieces they sell could have overlooked or lost forever.

Vintage fashion is the core of their store, offering items from the past, as well as reworked vintage to bring a more modern look to an older age of attire.  They offer some items on consignment for local designers as well as their finds, and the prices very from $20-$80 standard.  Lee even sells a huge collection of his personal vinyl record treasures, and the walls of the store showcase local art from artists around SD.  Every item sold is extremely affordable and consistently amazing....can you really ask for more?

Make sure to be on the lookout for their next event coming up on June 5th, and head on down to 4496 park blvd. suite G, San Diego, Ca, 92116 to get your hands on some goodies!

Hunt & Gather spokemodel turned Turbo.FM girl Annie P. is rocking an edgy look you may find at this eclectic store.  Her eyes look keenly confident as she sports her timeless leather jacket. Can't get enough of those eyes? We know we cant! Click here to see the rest of the shoot!

Thanks for tuning in for another exclusive Turbo.FM feature.  We bring you the height of fashion as music as it presents itself.


Photos By Turbo

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Wow, cool designs. I also believe that everything is connected and goes hand in hand with fashion.This I see has a rocker theme to it.Keep posting for more updates, looking forward to see more.

Jessica Star
Designer Sale

May 17, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterJessica Star

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