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Bringing you exclusive and fresh material as always, this week we are going to spend a Decade in Vegas.

Andrew Decade is our beloved 70's afro wearing sight symbol of the Indie Electro scene.  A graphic designer by day, he has no problem switching roles when the sun goes down to annihilating dance floors around San Diego. We gave him a call this last week requesting an exclusive Turbo.FM mini mix which he happily arranged for us. Following his creative impulses, he woke up last saturday to abruptly record his ROLL OUT OF BED MIX in one swift take.
Now that's some swagger!

Turbo.fm Presents: Andrew Decade's Roll out of Bed Mix

Now remember this mix is exclusive to Turbo.FM....so turn up the volume and get ready for some heat!  Decade will be opening for the Villains on April 10th at a massive event at the World Beat Center.  By the way, if you see him out, make sure to yell "Andrew!", cause his real name is Kevin Bonner and he will most likely not respond!
We love you Kevin.
If you haven't already noticed Kelli, get your ostrich digging head out of the hole.  Kelli is rocking a dress by none other than Francisco Medavog Couture titled "Vegas" from his Space Invaders collection.  

With decades in the fashion industry, Medavog has collected over 20,000 pieces of couture including gowns, handbags, and jewelry.  All of these pieces have given him the acute eye to create this new collection of one of a kind hand-sewn masterpieces. Medavog has said he has fallen in love with the future: This signature dress made with fabrics imported from Rome exudes that forward looking style that is as unique as the person wearing it.

"Vegas" invites your mind to visualize the contours of the body in the dress's absence while still maintaining that fun cocktail dress innocence. Regionally reknowned Kelli O is our newest Turbo.FM model.  She is most well known for not only her work with Medavog Couture, but also as the Hollywood Tans All-American Bikini Girl winner at last years Bikini Week in San Diego. For this feature Kelli did her own makeup that complimented Alexander Wegner's styling from A Style Concierge.
As always, the photos you see are the tip of the iceberg, and we know you will love to see more (click here)  Once again Turbo.FM is bringing you fresh exclusive content as it happens.
Download that mix you can't stop listening to on the Turbo.fm Music Page


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I really love Kellis look, this dress is hot!!

April 3, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterKAnn Spen

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