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TURBO.FM Fashion Opening! 

Hello Everyone! Welcome to the New but Old edition to the site. I’m Kayla, and Jeff and I will be on the look out for the latest in fashion trends here in local San Diego. In case you didn’t know, the “F” In FM stands for Fashion and recently I’ve been given the opportunity to take part in Turbo.FM and bring you all some great street style!

My goal with this column is to show the San Diego urban fashion scene as it complements the emerging music culture that grows with it. With great music and night life comes great outfits and style!

Fashion and Music go hand in hand here in San Diego where the night life is booming and their’s multiple places to go and be seen at every night of the week! If there is any time of the day when you really think about your outfit it’s most likely at night when you’re ready to go out and dance and have fun! It’s no surprise to have your photo taken at any moment!

The aim here is to showcase what San Diegans are made of! With my eye for style I’m also ready to bring you the latest in trends all over the world and how you can interpret it into your own wardrobe, as well as styling tips and ideas!

You can always reach me here by leaving a comment or by email at kayla@turbo.fm.

I’ve met so many great guys and girls with impeccable style here in SD and now is the chance to show YOU off! Enjoy!



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